Never Too Late

Never Too Late” brings beautifully crafted lyrics, instrumentally skilled music, and eye-catching video together to paint a contemporary and relevant story about two men on separate journeys whose lives intersect in a moving and meaningful way.

"BEAUTIFUL MESS is an awesome combination of two things: Music and a message."

Kyle Querec
Composer/Songwriter, Producer
(Olympic Games 1996,2008,2010,2012)

"The words I use to describe the ministry of Beautiful Mess is...Creative, Energetic, Inspiring, Thought-provoking and Challenging."

Pastor Allan Covington
Worship Leader for 30 years
Lead Pastor at RiverEdge Church

“What makes this show so significant is that it brings to light the realization that we all need each other. Many people in this world are connected to no one. Some come from broken families. Deep in our hearts, we long to connect. And, when two people connect in a meaningful way, it helps each person navigate life’s tough challenges.”

“This rare and remarkable show serves as a vivid and poignant reminder that even if we don’t have a strong family structure, there is still someone you can connect with. All you have to do is be there for them. There is no magic. Nothing required, except yourself and your time.”

Pastor Mark Cirino
Christian Life Center