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The Story Continues on Stage

Beautiful Mess brings a unique style to their performances by weaving a story throughout their musical set. Their focus on connected lives and community is evident in their shows and interaction with the crowd. Led by Chris, Mike, and Tim Ehrhart, Beautiful Mess has five songs on their new album “Holding On,” “Crazy,” “Word’s Getting Around,” “Alright,” and “Home Forever.” Each track is distinct with their own lyrics, rhythm, and arrangements that will keep listeners interested and engaged throughout the entirety of the show.

If You Go:

Date: Friday October 16th, 2015

Time: 8PM

Location: Funk 'n' Waffles (University Location)

Admission: $5

For more information on Beautiful Mess, please visit or contact Mike Ehrhart at

Beautiful Mess was formed in 2009 by brothers Mike and Chris Ehrhart, and Mike’s son, Tim who is a student at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. The contemporary Christian band uses the power of video and storytelling in their performances and music to spread their message of community and their commitment to living connected lives. Beautiful Mess has now released five EP albums with “Word’s Getting Around” as their latest.

Led by the musical vision of Tim, the vocals of Chris, and the songwriting of Mike, the band has made a name for themselves by using alternating segments of narrated film and emotional, live music in their performances. With this evolution, Beautiful Mess has been able to express and share their vital message with the world around them.

For Beautiful Mess, that message is the key to what they do, seeking to share an authentic look at life and faith with the world, bringing truth to those searching and creating a space for honest, open communication not only at their concerts but through their online efforts ( Learn more on their about page

“Bringing together solid songwriting, well-crafted arrangements, and a great vocal, this collective is on the right path to bring their message of hope to the masses. Here’s to hoping that message gets the audience it deserves.”
- Along The Journey

“As powerful as the Christian messages are in some of the tracks, Beautiful Mess is never too heavy-handed or “preachy” with their beliefs, so even though a message of God and love is upfront, there’s also enough content to entertain music fans in general.”
- Heath Andrews Reviews

“Beautiful Mess is a group that is inspired by things beyond this Earth and they harness that energy and turn it into great music arranged in innovative ways by incorporating a mix of instrumentation. The music is also catchy. “
- Mathew Forss