Bring Them Home - Single

Jun 01, 2016

A powerful song written for Joni and Friend's exhibit "Finding the Forgotten." The exhibit takes you through the stories of individuals and families affected by disabilities and writes from the perspective of one who has been called to serve. The song speaks to finding strength and peace in God's promise while echoing the voices of often forgotten struggles within our society.

What a Wonder

Aug 04, 2015

The newest single from Beautiful Mess tributes the great Stevie Wonder. "Not only do we love his music and the way he innovated, but also we love what he stood for, love, peace, and community," says Tim Ehrhart. The song What a Wonder references key song lyrics and hit titles within the catchy, uptempo tune. Get yours today!

Words Getting Around

Words Getting Around

May 28, 2014

Beautiful Mess's newest and most popular release featuring hit tracks like "Crazy" and "Words Getting Around." This album challenges, motivates and inspires with great lyrics and unforgettable melodies.