About Beautiful Mess

"'I'm not sure the world needs another concert. Too bad we couldn't tell more of a story.”

It’s tough to deny the power of music. It’s everywhere, with danceable jams leaping from car stereos to rousing anthems bursting forth from the ear buds of listeners’ iPods. The force of an instrumental rhythm and melody is one that’s relentless and emotional. And when you add in that most human of elements, the voice, things blast into the stratosphere, the vocals lending that connection that takes us from interested to enchanted.

Now take that formula and add to it a framework of story, narration, and cinema, and you’re looking into the heartbeat of what Northeast collective Beautiful Mess is all about, stirring together an exciting collaboration between music, movies, and message.

Beautiful Mess is the brainchild of brothers Mike and Chris Ehrhart, fueled by the musical vision and leadership of Mike’s son, Tim. Formed five years ago, the group came together when each member realized that their individual talents could work together better if brought together in a group setting.

"Tim was learning to play the instruments, I was writing lyrics, and Chris was singing on worship teams and we did these things all independent of each other before finally deciding that maybe we should try putting these all together," shares Mike.

The result was Beautiful Mess.

Initially formed with the idea of simply putting some music down and recording for fun, the band moved forward quickly, releasing four EP’s since 2009 and experiencing a solid musical growth, particularly as the band’s lead musical arranger, Tim, now a student at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, developed in his skills along the way. And while the subtle success and growth was sound, drawing comparisons to bands like Big Daddy Weave and MercyMe, the band still felt there was more to be done.
In discussing the band’s next step, lead vocalist Chris made a band-changing statement.

“'I'm not sure the world needs another concert. Too bad we couldn't tell more of a story', Chris said,” offers Mike. “And I thought to myself, what a fine time to come up with that idea, especially now that we've got twelve or fifteen songs all written with different themes but no real story. But later that night I got to thinking and saw that if you put these songs into some type of order and kind of pieced them together with some type of glue, they actually did tell a story. And that glue ended up being this narrated video that we produced."

Their first music and video production, Never Too Late, created the template the band would follow down the road to success in sharing their music and their message. Featuring alternating segments of narrated film with live performances from the album, the show provided an extra layer of emotional connection to the story, drawing out the power of the band’s message even more fully.

For Beautiful Mess, that message is the key to what they do, seeking to share an authentic look at life and faith with the world, bringing truth to those searching and creating a space for honest, open communication not only at their concerts but through their online efforts.

“We're learning that more and more people are searching and are wanting answers and are looking for a better way to live and be in community,” shares Mike. “And frankly, we believe that we know the answer and we want to be bold in getting that out there; not bold in an "in your face" way but more in a clear, concise, and honest way. That belief is that we are designed by God to live connected lives and we need to be intentional in doing so. Connected lives and communities require a choice of each individual to favorably influence each other through our relationships. Apathy is the same as death.”

And the band isn’t unrealistic
about that message either.

“I like that our music, versus some other contemporary Christian acts has a very balanced view of the faith journey,” offers Tim. “Because sometimes contemporary Christian music can be guilty of making everything look pretty glamorous, like everything's golden and, while there's a place for that, there are other moments where we need to offer up something more real and we try to draw a good balance between the two, acknowledging that there are really great moments of joy but that there are also times of struggle."

And with Word’s Getting Around, the band’s latest release, that message is front and center, buoyed by a strong title track that tips the definitions of success on its ear, offering up the tale of a well-heeled up and comer who finds that there is more to life, leaving people to note the change. The EP explores a variety of musical textures, from a funky, lighthearted groove to more conventional anthems, and will soon be performed live with a new narrative video piece to cultivate the experience even more.

With their depiction of real, every day, walking around faith and compelling musicianship, word’s getting around that Beautiful Mess is the real deal. And they invite you to take a listen and experience the music and the message for yourself.