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Who We Are

We know real life, so we make real music. We understand how life can be a mess but yet beautiful at the same time. You'll hear us sing about the struggle of the journey and shout for joy of the bigger things in life we have found. We think life is more than just a dollar sign, social status, or what car we drive, so we ask, where does your real joy come from?

At Beautiful Mess we use tools like contemporary music, narrated video, and online community to explain where the real joy can be found. Check it out!


News And Events

What a Wonder

"What a Wonder," Stevie Wonder Tribute Music Video


Beautiful Mess's official video to "What a Wonder," (Stevie Wonder Tribute).

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The making of "What a Wonder," music video.


We had too much fun making this video to not make a behind the scenes. You can hear how we developed the idea, check it out.

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Make it Loud

Song of the Week: "Make It Loud," by Ike Ndolo

Featuring songs about faith, positivity, and social change. Independent/Starting artists like Beautiful Mess, check out this great song.
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